Classic massage

Classic Massage

What is a massage?

Massage called the effect of mechanical stimulators on the tissues of the body, with passive m preservation of the massaged. A therapeutic massage, we will call this way of doing a massage, which helps to improve the psychophysical performance of the patient. Massage can have therapeutic, relaxation or muscle-preparation goals for exercise. Most of the most popular massage methods are derived from the basic technique of classical massage. It Is the basis of all the activities used in all massage techniques. A classic Massage is called a team of various manual treatments. which mechanically, through the surface of the Body act on the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, sacs and articulates, as well as in the form of reflex lesions on the circulatory system, nervous, endocrine, to the internal organs eternally.

Classical Massage is a method of treating external and internal disease symptoms. It Relies on mechanical tissue irritability. It Exerts an indirect and direct effect on the body. It Consists of many grips, movements and studies (stroking, rubbing, crushing, trapping, vibrating, spreading, grinding), the purpose of which is not only treatment, but also the prevention of many diseases.

Classic Massage is also an integral part of the wellness. On the basis of research and observation it was found that among the known methods of massage, classical massage is most effective in treating diseases of the organ of movement. The Properties of massage are many, just as many of its methods are. Each massage technique is used for TV other purpose e.g. Relieves pain, firms the sick or eliminates stress. The Strength of the touch has healing power, not only stimulates metabolism, eliminates swelling or improves circulation. During the massage the toxins are removed more quickly from the body, the muscles work better and the body, relaxes and regenerates. There are many types of massage. Some are very similar to each other because they are derived from one another. Others are very different, but for the most part we can combine them just to get better results.


  • Department Calming and relaxing
  • Relieves Stress Symptoms
  • Restores the balance between the sympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system

The Faszizic System. :

  • Reduces voltage
  • Makes it flexible and relaxed
  • Disbonding of the associated structures
  • Change the surface tension of the membrane


  • Increase in tissue metabolism
  • Increase in tissue exchange
  • Increase in tissue oxygenation
  • Faster removal of metabolites

Lymphatic System:

  • Acceleration of the flow of the absorbent
  • Increased tissues detoxification processes
  • Increased efficiency of immunological processes

Respiratory system

  • Increase in breathing depth
  • Increased oxygenation of blood


  • Heart rate decreases
  • Increases blood flow rate

Back massage 30 minut – 60 zł
Full body massage 1h- 100zł
Body and face massage 1,5h – 160zł

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