Orginal Intuitive Massage

What is a massage?

Massage is a physiotherapeutic exercise with the use of hands, technically means stimulation of tissues in the body, especially the muscles. This Technique is used to relieve, stimulate or treat the whole body or part of it.

Benefits of Massage:

  • Solation – contact “Skin Skin” is soothing, calming, enters into a state of deep relaxation,
  • stimulation – During the massage, the body systems are stimulated, which improves circulation, digestion, waste removal, better neural communication and strengthening the muscles, preventing pain and stiffness.
  • Pain Relief – massage is a natural and instinctive way to relieve pain and discomfort. When something hurts, we instinctively touch that place.
  • feeling of comfort – touch is a natural way of expressing ourselves in contact with others, building relationships in the sense of comfort, safety and health (emotional and physical).
  • universally – most people, from children to adults can be the recipients of massage.
  • in harmony with nature – massage does not threaten, it is a form of natural therapy.

Effieurage Technique:

  • Slow motion,
  • Using the fingers,
  • Thanks to this technique the body is prepared to stimulate the tissues, it is applied at the beginning, middle and end, during the whole massage,
  • Used during a massage when changing the technique or maintaining continuity of movement.

Petrissage Technique:

  • Strong, deep movements in which the crushing is used,
  • For the technique we use fingers, hands and forearms to release the tension,
  • Pressure in this technique should be moderate, adapted to the client, so that the technique is effective, it is very important to use the mass of our body.

What is characterized by holistic massage:

For a long time, we have been convinced that we are only flesh and mind. But there Is an aspect of our being that embraces us completely — the soul. During my work and conversations with people during treatments at SPA in Europe and Peru, I found that what creates holism during massage is also emotions, language, trust, environment, temperature, psychology and philosophy. Then I combine holism with the word “massage “, which for me is the art of touch and contact with the other man. I work not only on the physical body, but also on the spiritual, emotional level, giving a sense of security, happiness. When we properly harmonize, we will combine the meaning of these two words, we can touch hearts and stir the deepest corners of the soul during our massages. Through this kind of massage, we give customers a chance to meet them alone, in their holy place. A place so often forgotten, dusty and neglected. We discover in front of them the place of power, peace, harmony and relaxation. Holistic massage can be done with or without oil, in clothes or naked, with the accompaniment of relaxation, calm music and aromatic scents. Let’s make sure that during the massage nothing will distract us (mobile phone, tram, conversations of others) and obstacles on the body (jewelry). Holistic Massage is for me all — saying “all ” I mean, everyone is a beautiful energy without limits and limitations, it is like the universe endlessly and life is a wonderful experience of oneself. ”

Peruvian Massage in Wroclaw:

It Is a massage, during which we work on the whole body, spirit and mind with different emotions. Various oils, essences and various medicinal plants from the Andes are used, whose scents completely relax the body and allow for the free flow of energy. It helps to connect with nature and the universe, focusing on what is tangible and intangible also by touching the spiritual and psychological sphere. It makes the body connect with what surrounds it, with 4 basic elements, which awakens and allows you to experience new, extraordinary sensations. It is a holistic massage in which we use warm, aromatic oils to help you get rid of the stress of the clean head. It is important that the client before the massage took three deep breaths — to relax and prepare the body to be massaged. Peruvian Massage is a highly relaxing massage, hence in the first movements we focus on massaging the neck, head, spine, to then go to massage the whole body

60 min / 120 zł

90 min – 160zł

Działam na terenie całego Wrocławia i pobliskich miast. W zależności od odległości koszt dojazdu może być darmowy lub dodatkowo płatny.