Massage of the face, neck and KOBIDO massage

Massage of the face, neck and début

Magic power of face, neck and début massage

Massage of the face, neck and début wrocławIn Indian culture, facial massage is a daily routine from an early age. This Massage is considered important for health and beauty, almost like diet and exercise. This Massage is one of the main determinants of the young appearance, the Massea fingers are for the skin like an iron on the pressed clothing. By repeatedly performing a sequence of suitable movements, we influence the wrinkles and affect the underlying muscles, resulting in smoothing the complexion and restoring its shine and elasticity.

The face massage of the neck and début has a beneficial effect on the skin in the massage time: The dead cells of the epidermis are exfoliated, the processes of regeneration and healing are accelerated, the skin is better oxygenated and nourished, the growth elastin fibers, the skin tone improves.

Regular massage also affects the muscles of the face: massage improves the blood circulation of muscles, increases their elasticity and elasticity, increases their tension and also increases the elasticity of the tendons.  On facial massage is also gaining our nervous system, stimulating the receptors improves the conduction of stimuli in the synapses, which, depending on the movement of massage stimulates or calms our nervous system. It is certainly A massage that improves the functioning of the nervous system.

60 min 130 pln

In addition to classical techniques, I use the Jade Stone, as well as the lifting and drainage massage grips. Thanks to these movements, the oval of the face, eyebrow bows, is lifted and firmed. The Whole massage includes a shoulder strap and neck, then neckline, neck, face and head. The Movements are smooth and soothing, bringing deep relaxation.

Each massage is accompanied by beautiful fragrances of oils and incense, as well as music, which helps to move into the blithe state of relaxation.


  • Bacterial, viral, fungal diseases in the course of massage.
  • Interrupted Skin continuity.
  • Skin Allergies
  • Sinusitis
  • Elevated temperature
  • The ostclamation of Botox
  • Golden Threads
  • Fresh scars in Massage
  • Tooth extraction
  • Skin cancers



1h – 170 pln

10 massages – 1300 pln