Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage has a very rich history. His creator is the Shiva Komarpaj, who comes from India. The first records of Thai massage techniques have been documented in stone Wat Po, which is currently located in the museum in Bangkok. It has a lot of great properties, so more and more people are choosing it.

This massage is a combination of oriental techniques originating from China and India, which have as their primary goal the regulation of persons energy, by stretching and oppression of individual parts of the body aimed at unlocking the blocked areas of the body, which block energy from flowing. The pressure on selected points on the energy lines of the body (Sen) is carried out by means of fingers, elbows, knees and feet giving the effect of both loosening and energy charge. Passive stretching, similar to Yoga Asan’s, allow regaining elasticity and flexibility of muscles and joints, works also for muscle soreness, often recommended athletes.

It helps in ailments such as:

  • Relieve back pain, arthritis,
  • Alleviate migraine headaches,
  • Remove contractures of muscles, tendons,
  • Reduce soft tissue disorders
  • Alleviate inflammation and much more.

What is Thai massage

Thai massage is performed in a comfortable (not blocking movement) clothes.

During the massage the client lies on the floor, because thanks to this the masseur can move freely and the person massaged is laid in special yoga positions. This makes the effects really impressive.

In which cases is Thai massage not indicated?

In some cases, Thai massage or some of its cases are not recommended e.g.:

  • pregnancy
  • infectious diseases and certain cancers
  • patients with atherosclerosis, osteoporosis,
  • for fractures of bones, haemorrhage,
  • if you have inflammation of the bone marrow, heart defects,
  • patients with aneurysms.

These conditions do not necessarily imply a complete ban on the use of this massage. Everything is an individual thing that needs to be discussed with masseurs.

Thai massage is very popular and effective all over the world.

60 min / 120 zł

I am working in Wrocław and nearby towns.